Meet Our Team

Chris NutleyChris Nutley, President

The meaning of “success” for a co-packer/co-manufacturer can change from day to day. There are the obvious measures of success: customer’s product supply, positive response from the consumer, recognition from our industry peers.  These are certainly a “win” for any business.  But, in my mind, those are entry-level achievements.  If we’re not pushing our customer’s brand forward, then we’re not of value to them or the consumer. So, what’s left to do?

The real difference for me, when thinking of success, is the internal customer. The person down the hall, within our organization. If our business is capable of supporting my fellow teammates at MSW, and their family, then MSW will have what it takes to lead our industry in a dynamic way. Only then, can we contribute to our community in ways that are meaningful and impactful to the human experience.

I’m grateful MSW is able to provide its experience and expertise to the co-pack/co-manufacturing Industries, in ways that add value, improve brand loyalty, and demonstrate a positive impact to our community and environment.


David DeAngellsDave DeAngelis, Exec. Vice President

An experienced veteran of consumer packaged goods, DeAngelis brings a track record of strong, cross functional leadership, out of the box thinking, team-building, and innovative problem-solving.  Vast experience in manufacturing using all materials and processes for integrated co-man and co-packing solutions.  

“Our people set us apart.  From our production and engineering teams (warning: they are obsessive about quality!) to customer service who tell it like it is – in a good way, we exist for one purpose: to help you and your brands flourish.  We began as a warehousing operation in 1991, and now our mission is to be a contract packager and contract manufacturer of choice that stands for something bigger than ourselves.”


Bryan Powner, General Manager

I first joined the MSW Packaging team in March of 2006, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University. I initially started in inventory management andwent on to hold positions in production and operations management. I've been the general manager since 2014. My current responsibilities include the overall efficiency and performance of plant operations as it relates to profitability and customer satisfaction. Accessibility to management for our customers has always been a keystone of the MSW Packaging culture, and I maintain a very active role in the relationship building of new customers and their programs as well as the daily communication with current customers.


Sherri HeckSherri Heck, Senior Project Manger/Food Safety Manager

I joined MSW in August of 2005 as Process Development Manager, bringing many years of manufacturing management experience. I attended Northern Kentucky University and IUPUI, studying Industrial Management. I transitioned from Process Development Manager to Project Manager, working with clients on a day-to-day basis. As MSW grew, adding new services and an additional location, I added Food Safety Manager to my responsibilities, completing training in HACCP, SQF, FS2200 and other food safety disciplines. I developed and currently lead MSW’s food safety program, maintaining SQF and other food certifications required by our clients. As a part of a contract packaging company, I have the pleasure of working with clients from all facets of the industry, from the small start-up to large CPG’s, each having a unique story and product.



Amanda BacherAmanda Bacher, Plant Manager

I started out with MSW Packaging in the fall of 2014 as an operations assistant, and after two years as assistant project manager, was promoted to plant manager of our Greendale facility in June of 2018. I am still very active in project management for our beverage co-packing services and am the first point of contact for all new business coming in.


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